Complete Program Solutions

Highland Plastics, Inc. can handle all types of requests, from basic plastic sheet to complete programs. We can offer shipment of finished parts per your requirements and drop shipped as directed. We have relationships with many plastic fabricators and can subcontract all secondary manufacturing processes including, but not limited too, die cutting, screen printing, thermoforming, and assembly. Our versatility allows us to meet your rigorous demands regardless of the end use.


If you know the type of sheet that is required, Highland can offer a competitive price to meet your needs, and also offer lower cost alternatives if requested.

Not sure what material would be best suited for your program? Highland can work off a basic set of requirements and select the most appropriate material to meet your needs.

We can analyze part or application specifications and work with the resin suppliers to select the appropriate materials.

HPI can evaluate material samples or finished parts, and offer a comparable product. If we cannot manufacture product to meet your needs, we help direct you to someone who can.

Do not hesitate to contact us today with your program requirements!


Bureau Veritas Certification

This product has been manufactured under
the controls established by a Bureau Veritas Certification approved management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2015. Bureau Veritas Certification Certificate Number US010262-1

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