Filled EVA

HPI specializes in Filled EVAs for sound barriers

Our Filled EVAs

Filled Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is a highly versatile material with a wide range of uses across a number of demanding industries. With the ability to compound and extrude Filled EVA thermoplastics, we’re able to manufacture Filled EVA products with the shape and features to suit your needs. Our Filled EVA compounds provide a range of benefits and advantages, including sound-proofing, low VOC and FOG emissions, fire resistance, flexible formulation and more. These unique characteristics make Filled EVAs ideal for applications in construction, automotive manufacturing, industrial manufacturing and more.

  • Thin and sound-proof: Provides high-performance sound abatement even at thin gauges.
  • Low emissions: Filled EVA produces low VOC and FOG emissions, making it ideal for luxury vehicles.
  • Easily thermoformable: The flexible nature of Filled EVA makes it suitable for deeper thermoforming draws and a wide range of thermoforming applications.
  • Fire retardant: The custom FREVA Filled EVA compound is self-extinguishing, providing maximum fire suppression and protection in the most demanding environments.
  • Perfect for die-cutting: Filled EVA can be easily formulated for snap-fit applications and die-cutting.
  • Customizable: We are problem-solvers constructing compounds for cutting edge industries and applications. Our Filled EVA materials can be customized to meet the needs of your industry, product, or application.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits and advantages of Filled EVA, as well as custom compounds made for your application, contact us.

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Automotive OEM Standards

HPI has worked with auto manufacturers for over 30 years. We’ve provided solutions to nearly every major automaker, including luxury and economy brands. Our thermoformed or die cut plastics help to create a pleasant driving experience, keep drivers and passengers safe, maintain a polished appearance and keep costs down.

We have extensive experience with OEM specifications. Our Filled EVA passes common OEM specifications, such as Ford WSS-M99P32, GM GMW14171, and MSDC259. For a full list, see our Certs and Specifications page

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Our Work in Automotive

Our plastic compounds are used extensively in automotive manufacturing. With 30 years of experience, we’ve worked with almost every major automaker, providing a wide range of solutions. You can find our die cut and thermoformed plastics protecting and insulating the car frame, protecting drivers from fire and heat, preventing punctures and damage, and creating a safe, smooth driving experience. Our Filled EVA materials keep sound low while reducing VOC and FOG emissions, providing a comfortable journey in both luxury and economy models.

Our Filled EVAs are designed specifically to meet automotive use cases, for thermoformers and die-cutters, and to meet specific OEM specifications.

Our Custom EVA Compounds

HPI Compound 2050 A high density Filled EVA, designed for high performance sound abatement at thinner gauges
HPI Compound 1040 Formulated for snap-fit applications, this blend is popular with die-cutters
HPI Compound 107LF 107LF is designed to meet low VOC requirements in luxury vehicles
HPI Compound 10315 Flexible and easily thermoformable, 10315 is suitable for deeper thermoforming draws
HPI Compound FREVA HPI’s FREVA is a self-extinguishing Filled EVA designed to meet common FR requirements
HPI Compound 1089 1089 is our most versatile Filled EVA material, used in a wide range of thermoforming applications
Bespoke EVA Blends We can formulate custom-made Filled EVA blends for your applications

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