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Our Filled NVH Barriers

Our team are experts in formulating and extruding mineral-filled thermoplastics for NVH applications. Our materials will give your customers excellent acoustic performance, while being easy to process, form and die-cut. Over the past 30 years we have developed multiple blends for specific automotive OEM standards, as well as customized blends to enable ease of processing and superior performance. When it comes to acoustical barrier, let Highland Plastics recommend a high-density solution for your next application.

Our Adensa NVH barrier formula advantages include:

  • Low fog/ low VOC blends
  • Materials that deliver high density sound abatement at thin gauges
  • Flame retardant blends
  • Compound pellets, sheet and roll stock which is specially developed for:
    • Deep thermoforming draws
    • Snap-fit applications
    • Die-cutting applications

We are also able to formulate, compound, and extrude a customized acoustical barrier based on your exact requirements—including laminating foams, carpets, scrims, foils and adhesives to finished sheet to simplify your manufacturing process. Contact our team to find out more.

Automotive OEM Standards

Our Adensa NVH barrier passes common OEM specifications, such as Ford WSS-M99P32, GM GMW14171, and MSDC259.

For a full list, see our Certs and Specifications page

Our Work in Automotive

We have more than 30 years’ experience working with the automotive industry and in that time, we have supplied nearly every major automaker, including luxury and economy brands.

Our mineral-filled thermoplastics are designed specifically to meet automotive use cases, for thermoformers and die-cutters, and to meet OEM specifications.

Our Custom Adensa NVH Compounds

HPI Compound 2050 A high density filled compound designed for high performance sound abatement at thinner gauges
HPI Compound 1040 Formulated for snap-fit applications, this blend is popular with die-cutters
HPI Compound 107LF 107LF is designed to meet low VOC requirements in luxury vehicles
HPI Compound 10315 Flexible and easily thermoformable, 10315 is suitable for deeper thermoforming draws
HPI Compound FREVA HPI’s FREVA is a self-extinguishing filled compound designed to meet common FR requirements
HPI Compound 1089 1089 is our most versatile material, used in a wide range of thermoforming applications
Bespoke Blends  We can formulate, compound, and extrude a customized NVH Heavy Layer blend based on your requirements.

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