Personal Protective Equipment

Clear plastic materials for shields and masks.

Polycarbonate Sheet and Sneeze Guards

Stronger than acrylic and boasting incredible impact resistance, polycarbonate is a highly durable material used in the production of bulletproof glass. This clarity and toughness makes it an excellent choice for signage and shielding applications.

HPI can provide polycarbonate sheets with a protective film on one or both sides, at a thickness of 0.125″ and below.  We can provide you with blanks up to 50″ wide, or machine our sheets to create finished pieces.

As a custom manufacturer we can offer significant savings compared to purchasing polycarbonate from a distributor or reseller. If you’re looking a polycarbonate supplier why not ask us for a quote?

APET and PETG Sheets and Rolls

As part of our response to the coronavirus we have developed the ability to produce APET and PETG sheets and rolls. As a custom manufacturer we can tailor our process to your requirements.

  • Widths up to 55”
  • Gauges between 0.007” (7mil) and 0.030” (30mil)
  • Sheets or rolls
  • Single or double-sided lamination of peelable protective film
  • Anti-fog treatment (coming soon)

APET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) are the clear materials of choice for many PPE applications, and possesses good chemical and impact resistance.

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Key Facts

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Small minimum orders and short lead times help you get safer, faster.

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We can manufacture material to your custom requirements

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Our products are all proudly made in Michigan, USA

HPI Gives Back

We were proud to be able to support MidMichigan health with the donation of aerosol boxes to our local community hospitals.

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Aerosol Boxes

Thanks to the free release of the design by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai we have been able to build and donate aerosol boxes to our regional health system in Michigan.

HPI made some modifications to increase sturdiness of the box and increased the arm hole size, and you can download our updated design here for your own use.

If you have any questions we would be happy to help support you.

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