Experience Across Many Industries

Our team has experience across a diverse range of industries and specialisms, meaning we can tackle any problem, no matter how complex or customized.

We Work with a Wide Variety of Clients

Since 1991 Highland Plastics has supported a wide variety of clients to develop solutions to their challenges. We helped one client machine our decorative materials into tiles for use in a national supermarket chain, whilst another used our sheet as a shower and bath liner. Our colorful materials became the bright column cladding for a national chain of gas stations, and a contemporary artist machined our cast resin sheets into beautiful frames that became part of their artwork. Construction clients have used our PVC-free soundproofing materials in both walls and floors, and our built-in flexible hinge design enabled a household appliance manufacturer to reduce noise and vibration with an acoustic barrier. Our core industry today is the automotive industry, where our reputation has won us clients from around the world.

A Proud History of Automotive Solutions

We have nearly 30 years experience working with the automotive industry and in that time we have supplied nearly every major automaker, including luxury and economy brands. Our blend of capabilities and reputation for quality continues to generate new clients for us from around the world, thanks to repeated referrals from the major automotive brands.

Our products are typically thermoformed or die cut by our customers for use in a variety of applications throughout an automobile. Our programs are customized to every customer and include:

Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Our ability to combine thin layers of heavily filled plastic with lofted materials allows us to create lightweight, effective NVH solutions.

Puncture Guards

We can produce heavy-gauge puncture-resistant materials that can be used to protect vulnerable areas of a vehicle.

Heat Shields

Our barrier materials can be combined with a heat-reflective laminate for use in heat shield applications.


Our processes allow us to add a hard-wearing layer to your products to provide resistance to scratch and mar.

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Building with confidence

Our extensive experience in automotive is now being applied in the industrial, retail and housing construction industries. Our unique soundproofing capabilities have enabled us to develop competitive products which are free from phthalates or chlorine – making our material a greener choice for builders and consumers.

We are also able to create bespoke fiber-filled materials – including wood composites – which are hardwearing and attractive, and an excellent replacement for expensive wood and ceramic materials.


With an STC rating of 27, we know our mass-loaded EVA will compete with the best MLV in the market – without the VOC’s.

Wood-filled Composites

HPI have developed our own in-house formulation to create robust wood-filled plastics.

Hardwearing alternatives

We can create tough and weatherproof alternatives to traditional building materials.

Decorative alternatives

When your use-case requires both robust and decorative materials, we have formulations to replace expensive flooring and tiles.

Plastics to make your spaces pop!

We produce a range of plastics for signage, cladding and printing purposes. We are dedicated to supporting customers across all industries advertise and brand their spaces with the right materials.

We are always delighted to partner with printing and design shops to create something that brings your signage vision to life.


Our polycarbonate sheets are the ideal choice for signage that needs to be tough, durable, and UV resistant.


Cladding can be a great way to ensure your brand is consistent throughout your site. We can deliver color matched cladding to your specifications.

Printing and Corona treatment

We can produce corona-treated sheets directly to your printing supplier, and provide a range of textured and glossy finishes.

Creative Uses

Printing, engraving, custom designing, we’ve seen it all! Get in touch and we’ll work to create designs with you.

HPI Has the Experience to Work With Nearly Every Industry

We have worked with a wide variety of clients from all kinds of different industries, including signage, agriculture, household appliances, construction, and personal health devices.

Custom R&D

Highland’s reputation for quality and innovation comes from our track record of designing each customer’s product to their own precise requirements.

Over the years we have developed materials that have become core to the very way our customers do business, and our passion for innovation leads us to continually improve our range of capabilities which let our customers access new markets and achieve new standards in performance.

We appreciate that choosing the right material for your application can be confusing. You don’t need to do it alone. Our team is here to help you choose a material to fit both your needs and your budget.

Wondering if We Can Develop the Product You Need?

We’re plastics experts, we’d love to hear from you!